April 2nd, 2006

self portrait (escher)

being worthy of a second look

Roger Hodgson's 1984 release "In the Eye of the Storm" is a damn fine album. My friends at the time convinced me it wasn't, and that there was something wrong with me for enjoying it. But that's 7th grade for you.

How did I go 20 years without questioning that?

In related news, it turns out the trick to avoid becoming dated as a musician is to not play what everyone else is playing. If you're out of place in your own time, you'll continue to stand out when that time becomes an embarassment to everyone who lived through it.

Of course, surviving financially is a very different trick.
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self portrait (escher)

Some mysteries are better left unsolved.

The building I work in is shared by several companies, some of which demonstrating very different values than you and I share. Specifically in the area of restroom sanitation.

At first, I attributed this to disgruntled employees acting out in disrespect, but I've recently uncovered the truth...

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There's always a simple explanation.

It's rarely worth knowing.
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