September 29th, 2005

self portrait (escher)

Season 6, Epsiode 12

The teriaki place around the corner from my office also has burgers and chicken sandwiches on the menu. You can get a double burger or double chicken if you want, too. But there's no mix-and-match marriage of the two ideas.

That seriously bugs, but I hit a language barrier each time I customize my order, so it took about six months for me to get the nerve up to ask...
    Can I get a double chicken burger, half beef?

I can't transcribe the span of awkwardness which followed, as it was largely hand gestures, but I was eventually able to convey what I wanted.

Kinda wish I hadn't.

Ah well. Another crushed fantasy...
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self portrait (escher)

tonight was good.

Went to an Autodesk presentation tonight to check out the new version of 3D Studio Max, which should ship around this time next week. I missed half the presentation due to complications at work, but what I saw was pretty exciting. I waited a while afterwards for the crowd to die down, then stuffed my pockets with free candy from the refreshment table.

From there, I hit the L.A. Siggraph meeting to check out the state of the art in digital projection and 3D (stereoscopic) technology. Closest parking I could find was at the Arclight Theatre, maybe half a mile down the road, but planned to head back there anyway.
    Watch for the Star Wars (Episode IV) re-release in 2007, converted to 3D -- I've seen the first five minutes, and it's pretty incredible. Beyond being an impressive tech demo, this was like seeing a movie you're beyond familiar with, for the first time. It's no small feat to restore that kind of wonder.
When that ended, I waited around for the crowd to die down, and stuffed my pockets with cans of soda from the refreshment table.

Then I went back to the Arclight, where crowds were starting to line up for the 12:20am showing of Serenity. It seemed a bit silly for them to be there so early, given that the Arclight has reserved seats, but I knew they'd be there. Heck, I planned my evening around 'em. I handed out candy and soda, and went home.
    Side story!

    While we were talking, Ron Glass (one of the film's stars) walked out of the theatre. When asked if he was there for the screening, he was surprised to hear it was playing tonight, and shocked to discover that not only was there an audience at this ungodly hour, 200 of the 220 seats were already sold.
That's about it.
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