June 24th, 2005

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talking to strangers

My last entry might have been too cerebral. I can make up for that!

So, this was tonight:
    [19:04] them: hi
    [19:04] them: <ding>

    [19:04] me: hey

    [19:05] them: hi
    [19:05] them: asl pls

    [19:05] me: nope. you're a bot.

    [19:07] them: what do u mean

    [19:08] me: I mean that real humans don't contact each other on Yahoo Messenger without some idea who they're talking to. Asking for age, sex and location is a dead giveaway.

    [19:09] them: u gat no faith man
    [19:09] them: so sorry

    [19:10] me: I'm replying, am I not? What does this demonstrate, if not a leap of faith?

    [19:10] them: i no but we need to no each other

    [19:11] me: that was my point. we need to know each other, but we do not.

    [19:12] them: ok
    [19:13] them: we will start by intro of one and orther 1st

    [19:14] me: Or we could give some context to the meeting -- how did you find me to chat with?

    [19:16] them: did u see my pics

    [19:16] me: how would I have seen them?

    [19:17] them: in the box right now

    [19:17] me: This may be a software problem. I'm running Trillian, and it's not showing me any box of pictures.

    [19:20] them: i dont like the kind of pics u are showing me

    [19:21] me: That's understandable, since I haven't shown you any pics. What's to like?

    [19:24] them: have u seen my pics

    [19:24] me: i dont like the kind of pics u are showing me

    [19:25] them: 4ulk u byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    [19:26] me: 4ulk?


    [19:33] them: hi
    [19:33] them: <ding>

    [19:33] me: hey

    [19:34] them: hey asl pls

    [19:34] me: nope.  you're a bot.


And from a few months ago. Different "them"...

I really wanted to round things off with a third transcript, but the one I had in mind has gone missing.

* shrug *
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