May 27th, 2004

self portrait (escher)

They must be flooded with applicants.

Ad found today on

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Now, maybe I'm reading it wrong, But, here's my take on it:
    "Hi. We're not going to offer you very many hours, and no benefits of any kind, but don't even think about taking other jobs to support yourself because we own everything you create for the entire time you work with us. Seriously, everything. You drew on a napkin at dinner last night? Mail it to us, or you're in violation of contract. And don't think we won't come after you, 'cause we will. We're very serious about our intellectual property.

    As an independant contractor, you will receive no ongoing royalties for the continuing sales of your work. Nor will you be credited for it. But, at the end of your term, you'll have lots of experience, which our confidentiality agreement ensures you won't be allowed to talk about. Did I mention there's a background check?"
But, surely it's worth it, just to know you've worked with... some undisclosed company identified only by a free yahoo mail address.
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