May 13th, 2004

self portrait (escher)

Two random thoughts as we approach the Angel finale:

These are both a little obvious, but...
  1. Spike TV would be foolish not to pick up this show once it's off the WB. 'cause, I'm watching the resultant promos in my head, and they're hilarious.

  2. If Angel doesn't somehow end up linked forever with his One True Love, the burden of fixing that will fall squarely on the fanfic authors.

    Mine will be titled "Quality Time with Mr. Gordo".
I'm kidding, of course.

Not about being an aordoshipper, mind you. I'd never joke about something like that. But to actually write this story would defile the bittersweet perfection of their unrequited yearning!

It just... wouldn't be right.
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