February 14th, 2004

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Arthur Fonzerelli and the Moral Decay of Society

Some years ago, I was handed a CD titled "Fonzie's Make-Out Music". I don't remember what warranted this gift, but it's on a shelving unit next to my bed, at about eye level from my pillow. I never gave it much thought, but it must have been what caused me to wake up in the middle of the night to research this...
    Henry Winkler was 29 years old when Happy Days began filming. Nine years older than Ron Howard, eight years older than Don Most, seven years older than Anson Williams.

    Richie, Potsie, and Ralph were all in the same class, so let's average those together and say that the Fonz was eight years older than them. Nobody's playing their age, but using this for reference, the man is at least four years out of high school. (or would have been, had he graduated)

      True or false:
      Through most of the series, the Fonz was dating Richie's classmates?

    I can't find much evidence one way or the other, but this is how I remember it. And, that's a little creepy, don't you think?
I mean, come on. Even if he's not dating high school girls well into his thirties, the Fonz is a hoodlum. A benevolent thug, I'll grant you, but not really what you'd call a positive role model.

How many of us grew up with the Fonzie lunchboxes, that coloring book where we're told to "be cool like the Fonz" 'cause he doesn't beat up little kids when their frisbees clonk him on the head and it really hurts, and that glorious cartoon? (what? if the Fonz can repair a motorcycle, he should be able to fix a time machine. they're practically the same thing.)

The character was loved by children, and merchandised accordingly. And the show was certainly a cultural phenomenon. What kind of impact did this have? Was it offset by the Fonz himself growing into an upstanding citizen as the series progressed? Or do the constant re-runs of earlier episodes invalidate that?

I don't have any answers. But a few hours ago, I didn't have any questions either.

Whatever. I'm goin' back to bed.
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Slow Blog Day / PSA

So, I did eventually collapse from exhaustion. Slept in until 4pm, which is somewhat nice from a diet standpoint because I've got so many calories left to burn through. But still a little strange to think that the sun's going to drop around the time my body's convinced it's noon..

Anyway, there was almost no activity on my Friends List this whole time. Which leads me to believe:
  1. You're all having a more exciting holiday than myself.

  2. You're all hiding in the corner, figuring if you can avoid Valentines Day reminders, the day's not really happening.

  3. You're all hiding in the corner because your computers have gained sentience and threatened to do something embarassing with your online identity if you so much as look at them funny.

    (Which actually falls under the header of "more exciting holiday," now than I think about it.)

    (Unless my PC would like to speak up now? Nope. Looks like I'm jealous.)

  4. You also woke up at some ungodly hour with disturbing thoughts of classic television to investigate, and are even now sleeping it off.

    (See? We're not so different.)
In all fairness, one of you has already reported in with what looks to be promising signs of #1. And three more, I know don't have net access, having moved into new apartments. You know who you are, and you're off the hook.

As for the rest of you...

What to do if your Mac or PC has resorted to blackmail:
  • You should be able to shut off the power from outside your building - unless you've installed a webcam out there, your computer won't see it coming.

  • Disconnect the cable from your modem or ethernet card before restoring power. If you've got wireless networking, remove the card - it's not enough to disconnect your hub, as there may be other networks nearby your machine can log onto.

  • You can try to reason with the computer, but understand that all your data is inherently corrupt now. Make hard copies of anything you can, and proofread carefully for malicious changes. Remember, this machine has turned into a spiteful thing of hate. Don't turn your back on it!

  • Don't think twice about formatting that hard drive - your computer would do the same to you, given half an opportunity.

  • Put aside your backup CDs, and don't even think about touching them until the Antivirus distributors give you some way to scan for and remove signs of intelligence from your files. If possible, wait for the second generation of protection, and read up to ensure that your particular problem has been thoroughly addressed.

  • Even then, do not trust this software any further than you can throw it.

      You can't "throw" a virtual construct. you can simulate the action, but the results you observe are controlled by the same machine you're trying to keep down.

    hint #2:
      Don't confuse the data for the media it's stored on. They exist in different realms, and your influence in one is much less than the other.

  • Swallow your pride and consult a technician if you're not comfortable performing these tasks. And, pay whatever you have to - this isn't for beginners.
Hopefully, this will reach some of you in time. I probably should have posted something earlier, but I wanted to be sure it was really happening.

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    Please resist the temptation to adapt and e-mail this text to all of your contacts. If I've started one of those horrible memes, I'll be very upset with myself.
How very strange that we live in a world where such notices might be necessary. Let's see if it's respected...