November 9th, 2003

self portrait (escher)

When the WWE questions your behavior, that's some questionable behavior.

So, mjlogan75 and I were playing that new Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain game last week, and at one point, we were given the choice between shaking promoter Vince McMahon's hand, or punching him in the face. Now, our character was very polite, and he'd offered a handshake to every opponent beaten thus far - an act always met with scorn and disbelief. But this time, the handshake was offered to us. After so many rejections, we just wanted to see two people shake hands in friendship. So, we made our choice.

Immediately, there were consequences. Professional wrestlers held press conferences to discuss how sick our guy made them, selling out like that. They ambushed him in the parking lot. He had to fight for his very survival! And, all we could think was "Dude! It's just a handshake."

That was, of course, before I researched the issue.

My findings will astound you.

Just a handshake? How could we have been so blind?
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