August 4th, 2003

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Reality check

I scored 38 at Super Kickups tonight. Which is a huge accomplishment for me - I'm usually in the single digits, and I've been playing this off and on for over a year. So, I hit the "submit high score" button, and discovered I'd need 401 points right now for them to even bother storing it. That's rediculous. I can't even break 40.

The number one score was sooo close to hitting 2000. That must have been frustrating to just lose that close to a milestone after clicking incessently for eight or nine hours. Their index finger probably still twitches from the repetitive motion.


sencollins just sent me all too appropriate a quote.
    "Being a writer means sitting in front of a computer and resisting the urge to play Minesweeper."
          --Max Barry
Ah well. I learned some new software today, and fixed an inscrutable problem on Mom's computer. Intimidating hurdles, both. I put some thought into my personal statement for the CalArts application, and made ambitious plans for my senior project in case I'm accepted and choose to go there. So I shall deem this a productive day, and head off to dreamland, as it is now 1:30 AM and I go back to the office in a few hours.
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Yay, web enrollment.

Good news and bad news on the continuing education front.

Signed up for classes at Ventura College:
  • Drawing and Composition I - Monday and Wednesday, 7-10 am
    Ah, discipline. I've tried to get through this a few times before, but it's always been an excercise in frustration for me.

      I am so much better with a mouse and keyboard than I am with pencil and paper. Even more so with a tablet.

      For one thing, paper has no undo button. I can never erase cleanly enough. I can't overstate the freedom granted by being able to save your project at different states, or the effect this has on creative decisions.

      For another, I can't see through my own hand. The computer lets you seperate the interface from the art itself, and that makes a profound difference.

      And on the same note, I've never grown past the rookie mistake of resting my hand on the drawing as I work on it. Smudges everywhere. And again, no undo button.

    Thing is, there are fundamental workflow principals which apply just as strongly on the computer, but I don't believe are ever taught there. So, it's back to the analog media for me.


  • Life Drawing I - Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30-10:30 am
    This should be painful, at least to begin with. It's a skill I've never had, requiring that other class I've never gotten through as a prerequisite. Thing is, it's the main skill CalArts is looking for in their applicants for the Character Animation program. So, I'm signed up.

  • Fundamentals of Screenwriting - Tuesdays, 7-10 pm
    Now, this is a good class, taught by a very good instructor. I secretly audited it a few years ago. Meaning, when he told everyone who wasn't signed up for the class to leave, I decided not to. sencollins hadn't shown up that evening, so the headcount still added up. And then he dropped the class, so they never really noticed I wasn't supposed to be there. But I had to skip too many sessions on account of the one-act play I was directing, and the futility of racing to catch up in a class which would never acknowledge my participation finally got to me. But I was able to register early enough this year, so there's actually a spot with my name on it.
So, that's the good news.

Bad news is I horribly miscalculated CalArts' application deadline. They encourage people to have their materials submitted as early as January, but will actually accept them if there are openings left until the 30th of this month. Orientation and class sign-ups begin September 3rd.

Now, this changes a few things.

I won't be able to add much to my portfolio between now and then. But I won't have to wait long for an official decision, either.

I think I'm only looking at the Experimental Animation program now. Which is kinda how I was leaning anyway, as long as they still devote some focus to traditional motion theory and performance. That'd then cover the areas I most need instruction, while allowing me to continue exploring new techniques. And perhaps more importantly, I'd have a chance at getting in based on my work so far. which point, I'd have no immediate need for these drawing classes. But I'd best stay enrolled until I know.

I do want to finish out this screenwriting class, either way. I can make the drive from Valencia once a week if I have to.
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Yet another online quiz

Results surprised me on this one, but they're not wrong.

I am absolutely brooding!

Find your soul type

Is it placid darkness or just a quiet calm style that sets you apart?

Virtues: Appreciation for deep thought is important, and no, I don't mean "Deep Thoughts" by good ole Jack Handey, though that must be widely loved. Humor-- light and dark-- is a staple, and absolutely necessary is your art. Literature, music; it's all important to your self expression.

Aspirations: There's a wide range of possibilities for any thoughtful person. Especially common would be artistry; writer, painter, composer; even the comedy field could use some help. If you're interested in politics, maybe a professional cynic would suit. ;) I'm sure you'd like to express your views openly (not limited to politics, but thinking in general) as your views of the human race are vast and intricate. Socrates would be proud.

Quirks: The peppy and preppy, the superficial and the artificial.

Factors: What you need is your downtime; peace and quiet. Relaxing with a good book, listening to some music. Thinking is a big factor, be it sophistic or plainly dark.

Future: As you continue to develop your views, self expression is inevitable. An outlet career aligning with your views would be ideal, and you may even enjoy a family to settle down with. Until then, I'm sure you'll develop your studies and talents to their fullest.
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