June 18th, 2003

self portrait (escher)

self inflicted: insignificant actions and their insignificant consequences

When I came in on Monday, my agenda was straightforward: clear my office of anything I'm not comfortable leaving here, just in case.

Physical objects, I'd pretty much taken care of on Friday, prioritized by expense. And that was just surreal.
    front desk:
    Enjoy your lunch.

    That's the plan.

    front desk:
    Why are you taking your backpack?

    I'm having a picnic.

    front desk:
    It looks heavy.

    It's actually a bar-b-que.

    front desk:
    Oh! Okay.
I mean, I spent that whole day burning CDs. It was all educational materials that had nothing to do with the company or their proprietary information, but they didn't know that. Anyone walking past my door would have seen Easy CD Creator spitting out disc after disc, which one might expect to raise suspicion under the circumstances. Not so. Nobody cared. Perhaps this is considered normal behaviour for the rest of the employees, and I'm only now starting to fit in.

Definitely glad I won't have to download those videos a second time. Buzz has enough expenses running that site without me wasting resources like that. Plus, I don't have a T1 connection at home, so replacing these many hundreds of megs wouldn't be terribly fun.

And then, I deleted the lot of 'em off my hard drive. 'cause, some of these were made available to member sponsors only, and we were asked not to redistribute. Whoever takes over my computer after I leave won't be bound to that agreement. (On the contrary, they'll have signed something which compels them to share these with the company at large)

So, that was Friday. And then I had all weekend to remember the other copyrights I'd be violating if they stopped me before I could get to my desk. Specifically, mp3s. I've brought in a good chunk of my CD collection and digitized it for personal convenience. Including a few limited editions with exclusive tracks that'd lose value for those of us whose donations made the CD possible if they found their way onto Kazaa or something because, again, the next guy to sit down at my computer has no obligation to respect that.

So, I showed up early Monday morning, snuck past the front desk without signing in, and spent about 20 minutes clearing those directories, and with them, my conscience. Stored passwords to other sites? Cleared. Bookmarks and cookies likewise removed. This computer is sterile.

But then, I signed in without incident. And my supervisor passed along the revised contract for lawyers to comb over. And while they do so? I'm back at my desk with the same lack of supervision that made Friday such an interesting experience.

They are soooo lucky I don't have a mean streak.
(And, those of you who have experienced my mean streak firsthand, shut up. I'm not talkin' to you.)

Anyway, it slowly sunk in as I settled down to work that I've thrown away all my toys.
    Where's all my music?
    Oh yeah.
    I deleted it.

Winamp Radio is a lifesaver, by the way.
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