January 13th, 2003

self portrait (escher)


Woke up at 2am, which I guess I should have expected if I'd bothered to do the math. Managed to get back to sleep, though, and stayed that way until 7. So, about 12 hours. It feels... wierd. My whole body's sore (why?), but I'm pretty alert. It's a completely different headspace. Perhaps I'm a butterfly now.

It's amazing how long we can get away with ignoring our physiological needs, and that it's even possible to not notice what desperate condition we're in. I'm reminded of Daniel Quinn's "boiling frog" analogy. (in the Story of B - probably the strongest part of an amazing book, but not to be jumped straight into if you're at all religious. Start with Ishmael, see where he's coming from, and work your way slowly towards that.)

Anyway, I'm sure I could now accomplish everything I set out to do yesterday. Provided I had any time at all to do it in.


What a waste.
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