November 24th, 2002

self portrait (escher)

disruption breeds discontent

It's one thing to move in soon, take half my personal space, and make the rest of the house uninhabitable. It's another thing to come visit without invitation between now and then.

I can't prepare for their arrival if they insist on taking up the only time and space I could possibly do this in.

Nor can I be optimistic, pragmatic, or really anything but resentful.

I can't help but feel like someone lost a substantial bet with God, and told Him I'd be happy to cover their debt.

I wish I could react differently.
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    pissed off pissed off
self portrait (escher)


I think sleep deprivation shielded me from noticing the horrible blinding migrane.

Not to worry, though - I slept most of the day, and can now experience it fully.
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    Good lord, this hurts.