October 29th, 2002

self portrait (escher)

Why we have shopping lists...

Co-worker lumbers past with a big heavy bag over their shoulder.
    self: What's that?
    co-worker: Dog food.
    self: Ah. I was thinking it looked like charcoal.
    co-worker: Why would I have charcoal?
    self: That's what I was asking.
    co-worker: We could use it to burn this place down.
    self: I think they've got a lighter over in Graphics.
    co-worker: Really?
    self: They use it for smoking.
    co-worker: Right. So, we're set.
    self: Except.. That's dog food.
    co-worker: Shoulda bought charcoal.
    self: Next time.
    co-worker: Yeah.
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