August 10th, 2002

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Time Managent is not my strong suit

Downloaded 30 day trials for two pieces of software I was looking to purchase (1, and 2). Each is in the $200 range, so I figure I could afford one or the other right now. But as I started poking around, I realized I could reverse-engineer them and program something myself with the exact same functionality in less than a day. So, now I'm debating whether it's worth my time to do that.

On the plus side, it would be easier to add in any features the original programmers may have overlooked. And I'd have significant bragging rights if I were to actually sell a project developed in my own custom application.

But I could never ethically distribute the tools, whether free or for profit. And it's not like I have any shortage of things to do with my time.

So, I'm thinking it's not going to happen.

Next question:
Can I bring myself to spend close to a week's wages in the interest of avoiding a day's pointless labor?

Probably not.

Or, could I just live without these programs, like a normal person?

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self portrait (escher)

Under Construction

Every time I try to post something with any substance, it ends up filling screen after screen with text. There's just too much to say, and no easy way to get through it.

The problem is that I haven't reached any conclusions myself. So I wander aimlessly - is it any wonder I can't get to the point?

I don't post those publicly. They're all rough drafts, awaiting clarity.

And that's why you've heard so little from me lately.'s been a substantial month.
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