June 5th, 2002

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When my computer stops working, it doesn't mess around.

Wow. Just had about an hour of explorer not working, and the system freezing up after maybe 40 seconds of being in Windows. Safe Mode fixed it, but I had to force a reboot in the middle of loading to bring up the option of going to Safe Mode. The F8 menu didn't offer it, my CTRL-ALT-Delete menu didn't offer it, the only way in was to deliberately make things worse. Gotta love that.

I reckon it's time to scandisk and defrag now, let Ad-Aware and Norton Antivirus have a look-see. 'cause, maybe something caused this.

(note: XP is still a thousand times more stable than 98 was on my system)
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Subtractive Analysis of Ethnic Cuisines

I figured this out a while ago (with charts and graph paper - I'm quite the nerd), but it's come up in two seperate conversations recently, so I'd better share:

  • Chinese food has rice and noodles, but no cheese.

  • Mexican food has rice and cheese, but no noodles.

  • Italian food has noodles and cheese, but no rice.
Government conspiracy?
      Collusion between restaurants?
            Undisputable proof that our cultures were put here by aliens?

Draw your own conclusions.
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The lj-cut tag was recently rewritten.

Collapse )

Collapse )

See? Text afterwards. Couldn't do that before.

Don't expect cuts within cuts, though - those aren't going to cut it.
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