May 19th, 2002

self portrait (escher)

a taste of stability

Just got back from thedave805's housewarming party. He didn't get dragged away in handcuffs, so we'll call it an improvement over last time.

Actually, it was really nice. The guy's done well for himself. Lots of space, a good view, and he seems very happy with his new girlfriend. When you consider the endless turmoil he had to break free of, the last thing anyone expected was a happy ending.

I like being wrong.

(And if you're reading this, Dave, update your darn journal already!)

I also got a chance to talk to the head of his company's art department, and walked away with a trial assignment which might lead to gainful employment. Or possibly a restraining order - my take on the assignment's a little out there. Either way, I have a project to focus on.

Well, two projects, actually. I've got about 300 certificates to design for someone else by Wednesday. I'll need to learn Pagemaker's mailmerge function, but the rest of it should go pretty quick.
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