March 17th, 2002

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Decision Made

It's amazing how much valuable time one can throw away on things that don't really matter.

I'm now convinced that the Pacific Inn of Sunnyvale is by far the greatest value available in my pricerange.

For the same price, I can have the generic horrible experience at Motel 6, with the smaller television (by eight inches), no meals provided, and complete absence of class which reflects on me directly. But it is 10 minutes closer to the conference, and I can go with two full beds instead of a queen, which allows for the possibility that I'll find someone to chip in for half.

So, horrible experience it is. Gotta love that pragmatism.
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Just logged onto At&T Wireless to activate my celphone's free voicemail. I'll probably disable it again after the conference because, quite frankly, I'm happier without it. (And if any of you leave me "I was just saying hi, so no need to call me back" messages, I will beat you to death with a rolled up newpaper)

I have to say, I like the fact that "incoming calls only" is an option I can select from the website. If I ever lose my phone again, that's the first thing I'll reach for.

But more than that, I like the fact that "outgoing calls only" can be selected right alongside it. Check 'em both, and your phone either does or does not allow incoming and outgoing calls. I think it's a glass-half-full/glass-half-empty situation, and we can see if AT&T is generally positive or negative by their response to this test.
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Not that you'll know, but...

Has anyone seen my grey-blue shirt? It really should have turned up while I was going through all that clothing. Only thing I can think of is it's at somebody else's place. Take care of it, someone. It deserves a good home.
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