February 22nd, 2002

self portrait (escher)

it's the principal of the thing.

valueweb.net sales representative: Can I help you?

self: Yes. I'm in the midst of setting up a new account with you, and am looking at the domain registration screen now. It says you have to charge me $70 to cover Network Solutions' fees for two years?

valueweb.net sales representative: That's correct.

self: See, but it isn't. That information's about a year out of date, and your form never changed. Network Solutions only charges $29.99 a year now, and they no longer require you to register for two years at all. In fact, a two year registration gets discounted down to $52.20, so paying them $70 seems kind of wasteful whichever way you look at it.

valueweb.net sales representative: We are charging $35 a year.

self: With a minimum of two years. Yes, we've been over this. But you're making this out to be Network Solution's requirements, when in fact that's no longer the case. If your company understands this and continues to falsely represent them, you're guilty of libel. And if the extra money you charge in their name never reaches them, that would be embezzlement. Either one of those should lose you your "preferred partner" status with them.

valueweb.net sales representative: What is it you want?

self: To not overpay the requied fee.

valueweb.net sales representative: We charge $35 a year.

self: Thank you for your time; I won't waste any more of it. Please forward my concerns to someone with the authority to fire you.
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