July 24th, 2001

self portrait (escher)

Fun stuff in the patent search.

I'm running patent searches right now to make sure my invention's not already out there. And I'm finding some pretty interesting things. I won't list them here, 'cause it'd be entirely too obvious what I'm up to at that point. But this one's practically unrelated:

Bullet Time. You know, the special effect used to slow down time in the Matrix and so many commercials? There it is, in the US Patent Office.

The good news for aspiring film makers is there's lots of technical info there explaining how and why the effect works. The bad news is you'll have to pay that guy royalties.

(the sad thing is, even before having an invention to protect, I spent an ungodly amount of time searching the US Patent Database. What can I say? I like to know how things work...)
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