June 29th, 2001

self portrait (escher)

Greetings from Texas!

Just a quick note before my internet access gets shut off again.. I'll be coming home the evening of July 1st, with all sorts of stories to tell. I'll also have all sorts of obligations to catch up on, so it could take a few days before the journal's up-to-date. (If I haven't replied to your comments lately, don't worry - I'll get there eventually.

Incidentally, I had dinner last night at "Whataburger." As fast food goes, the experience was very nice. What really made it for me, however, is that they had IBC Rootbeer among their various sodas on tap. This doesn't seem to be an option in Southern California. Mostly, we get Mug Rootbeer, which is crap. If you want IBC, you have to buy the expensive bottles. And even that doesn't happen terribly often, because they're sitting right next to the Henry Weinhart Rootbeer, which is unquestionably better. Whatever. I got a huge cup of IBC, and took advantage of the free refills. Made myself sick, but I'm happy.

(IBC Rootbeer seems to be distributed by the Coke-a-Cola Company, by the way, who are already on my list for not distributing "Manzana Blast" in North America. Why don't they make available the products I'd like to purchase?)