February 20th, 2001

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Aww, get over it.

Tech Saturday was cancelled, and merged with Monday's dress rehearsal.

Then, Monday's dress rehearsal was cancelled, and merged with Full Makeup Tuesday.

And yet, somehow, Public Dress Rehearsal and Opening Night remain exactly where they've always been.

Do we need that much time to practice with lights and sound?
Not anymore.

I've cut all my nifty special effects from the show.

Sorry, guys. It just wasn't gonna happen.

I do this for a number of reasons:
  • If the tech people can't practice with us, so much can will go wrong.
  • My transformation sequence added new costume issues, compounding the normal ones.
  • The transformation sequence was never really appropriate to the scene. We chose to overlook that factor because it was so damn good.
  • That gave us a huge climactic moment towards the beginning of the play, with three more scenes that couldn't possibly top it.
  • To make it work at this point would completely drain our rehearsal time.
In short, I was going to damage the actors' performances to bring you a moment that would only serve to distract from the actors' performances. That's not fair to the actors. I applaud them for going along with my plan, but it was lunacy.

That decision did not come lightly. You have no idea how much work I put in, which will never be recognized. Four of my six all-nighters (including a 48 hour marathon this weekend) were spent entirely on that. And it showed. Years from now, you would have remembered that moment. But the better director goes unnoticed.. (I still don't claim to be a good director, but this brings me a notch closer)

I feel good about this decision. (I didn't last night, let me tell you. But then I collapsed and slept for fourteen hours, and I'm feeling a lot better now) All said and done, it's the right thing.

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self portrait (escher)

Hey, cool!

Somebody visited my amazon.com wishlist!
And they BOUGHT me something!

Thanks, Speedball!

He bought me the new Daniel Quinn book. Which I'm reading right now, when I should be redoing my play's effects CD. (I'm easily distracted)

What's funny is I didn't even know about the book until I caught it on Speedball's wishlist.
So, now I have a copy and he doesn't.
'Cause he bought it for me.

Life is strange.

(Hey, Speedy, let me know when you're coming to town, and I'll loan you my copy. Or trade you for the Deadman action figure. Either way, I'll make a point not to loan it to anyone else before you get here...)
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