February 13th, 2001

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the Frog Prince: a Progress Report

So, I started off directing very naturalistically. Get the actors into the situation, play it straight, and let the comedy stem from that. Basically, treat the play as a drama.

This was not a good idea.
    I think it might have worked, and produced a truly interesting piece (I never intended for the audience to understand it), but for the cast to wrap their minds around that required them to suspend their disbelief in ways never asked of them before.
A more experienced director might have pulled it off. But I doubt it. I think a more experienced director would have simply given up on that approach a lot sooner.

Now, the thing about launching off in the wrong direction is this: You have to backtrack, and the path is not as you remember it. Between the actors and myself, figure we spent a good week just getting our heads clear. In fact, our only saving grace was that the Artistic Director wasn't around for most of the early stuff - he brought in a fresh set of eyes. We'd still be lost if he hadn't been there for guidance.

Everything's back on track now, and catching up quickly with where it ought to be. It's just a good thing we were given so much time for rehearsals.

Anyway, I can't take credit for a lot of decisions made during that transition. If you come see it, the parts you like are probably Jay's doing. Say what you will about him, but the man's brilliant.

So, yeah. I think it's gonna be good.

Despite me.
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self portrait (escher)


You see where I'm going with this?
    Picture a special Valentines Day episode.
    What do you suppose the two teams are building?
I can't think of anything, for the life of me. But it's probably obvious. And very funny.

Submit your ideas, folks!
(and try to keep it clean. this is a family show!)
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