January 25th, 2001

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Falling behind again

So, I handed in everything I had on my original script as a show of good faith, but indicated that this particular story couldn't be told in 10 pages. (They're looking for very short scripts, apparently) I said I'd bring in something less ambitious to the next meeting. That meeting is at noon today.

I kind of forgot about that, and committed to an 11:30 meeting with the costume designer for the Frog Prince. The two meetings are pretty close to one another, so I should be able to swing the timing. The problem is that I'm not prepared for either of them.

Guess I'd better get moving on that...
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self portrait (escher)


Spent a few hours negotiating with the costume designer today. Won some battles, lost others. The war wages on...
    "I have a pair of pants upstairs that Brandon will look very funny in."
    "Oh, come on! You haven't even seen 'em. The audience will love him in the funny pants."
    "He'd kill us both. And the character's all about dignity."
    "So, solid colors, then."
    "You would have loved the funny pants."
    "I'm sure."
Ah well. I'll have stories to tell my grandchildren. Well, someone's grandchildren, anyway...
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I feel icky.

Runny nose, sneezing a lot, itching all over, eyes painfully burning... I must have dozed off in a field of.. of.. something I'm allergic to. This is definitely allergies. I remember these symptoms well. I just wish I knew what was causing this reaction, so I could get away from it.

Is my sweater made from cat hair? Probably not. There's no wind, so I don't have to worry about the usual assortment of molds and pollens. Which means it has to have come from somewhere else. The dog must have gotten into something, and brought it's essence back into the house with her. That's the only explanation which makes any sense. Stupid animal...
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