January 14th, 2001

self portrait (escher)


I've got a fairly nice television sitting on my desk. It's been there for months, lying dormant. Why? Because it only has a coaxial connection for input, and everything I wanted to hook up to it is strictly RCA output. I used to have a number of broken VCRs lying around, and any of those would have filled the gap nicely, but I couldn't remember why they were useful when folks were cleaning house around here and demanding justification for every last item.
(senseless loss of usable technology. *sigh*)

Anyway... I was at Radio Shack last night, buying the four adapters necessary to hook up a single pair of earphones to my new soundcard, when it occurred to me they might have something more convenient than a broken VCR for making that conversion. Sure enough, there was a quick and easy solution available. $29 RF Adapter. I brought it home without a moment's hesitation.

So, now I'm looking around, and I can't remember for the life of me what I'd wanted to hook up to the television, or more importantly: why.

Ah well. I need some music in here anyway. Hooking up the Playstation so I can play audio CDs...
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self portrait (escher)

Yo, Seonsaint!

Yeah, that's right. I'm talking to you.

Remember how I used to send you daily reminders to submit something to these guys, but you were more interested in playing Everquest?
(How'd that work out for you, by the way? Are you able to quit your day job yet?)

When the reminders stopped coming, you probably figured I gave up. Nope! Just lost their info, is all. Well, guess what? I'm gettin' organized. And now I've got a copy of their ad here in my livejournal that I can reference any time I need it.

Your harassment resumes.

    Wanted: Artists and Digital Colorists that want to make $750 a day
    Storyboards for advertising and entertainment remain one of the most exciting and lucrative ways for an artist to earn a living. At Storyboardsonline.com, our artists share five things in common:
    • sick talent
    • a computer with a high speed internet connection
    • a six-figure income
    • a fax machine
    • and the ability to meet deadlines, every time...no excuses.
    Interested artists must complete a five frame assignment from our web site at http://www.storyboardsonline.com/thecontest. Please email your results to joe@storyboardsonline.com, If you have what it takes, you will be starting down the road on an extremely rewarding carer.

Of course, the "five panel" thing is only for pencilers. You'd be applying as a colorist, and their page only gives you three frames to colorize. So, we're talking about coloring in three pictures here. For all your procrastinating, that's like no work at all.

...and here they are.

    Colorists Rules
    These frames were drawn for an actual job. After reviewing the test script,

      Test Script
      FRAME 1. Guy walking to curb of busy "Manhattan" street. chick on motorcylce waiting for him. He's thirties to forties, wearing cool street casual clothing. (Prada...Calvin Klein) the chick is basically an Asian cat woman on a black italian sport bike. she's wearing form fitting leather; all black. black boots. black helmet.

      FRAME 2. Tight shot on bike chick's face. her visor is up so as to reveal her exotic eyes.

      FRAME 3. Motorcycle with both riders cutting between cabs on busy "manhattan" street.

      FRAME 4. Bike and riders going thru department store window.

      FRAME 5. Bike racing up escalator of department store.

    Click here to select a style and study the level of finish from other storyboard jobs. Render those three frames, and send your finished work to joe@storyboardsonline.com.

    (Mac users hold down the cursor over the image and save to your desktop. PC users right click on the image and save to you desktop.)

    You will be notified by e-mail of your results.
    Add to the line art and make it better.

    In your style, you should be able to color ten to fifteen 4"x6" images in an eight hour period. Always make your deadlines. NO EXCUSES. If your computer crashes drive to Kinkos to email your images. Do not send more than 7 samples of your work.

Now, get off your ass and do something about this.
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