November 8th, 2000

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Random thought

I just received Adobe's GoLive / LiveMotion software bundle. You're sitting there reading my LiveJournal right now. This trend of adding "Live" to web-based product titles seems a little ironic, if not misleading.

  • For someone with no life, how did I suddenly end up with three?
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    self portrait (escher)

    The cutting edge

    I remember one of my friends installing a 10 meg hard drive on his Apple IIGS. It stored dozens of 720k floppy disks so he wouldn't have to keep track of them. I remember this cost him a lot of money. And I remember thinking the hard drive was a worthless invention. Sure, it was faster than loading data off the floppy drive every time, but that's hardly a bother. I mean, the biggest game the computer industry had ever released was only 4 disks, and you didn't have to switch between them all that often...

    He had an icon based operating system on that hard drive, which was even more ridiculous. Every piece of software ever made already came with an operating system right there on the disk with it. Why replace a perfectly good interface with something you need a mouse to move around in?

    Later, he tried to sell me on the merits of "The Internet", which he was able to access via a commercial provider called "America Online". There was no web yet, but he could e-mail anyone in the world who also had an account. Again, I thought this was the stupidest idea I'd ever heard. Why would anyone pay money to connect their modem to another computer, when there are plenty of perfectly good local BBS's to choose from? Those usually didn't cost anything, and you could find people in your very own neighborhood. Why would you want to communicate with people farther away?


  • I complain sometimes about the fact that I'm not as smart as I used to be. In retrospect, I pray that isn't true.
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