October 24th, 2000

self portrait (escher)

Bad horror movies.

Have you ever looked up in the middle of the night and been frightened by a shadow? Perhaps you left your jacket on the chair, and it looks like a headless man is staring at you as you sleep. Or it could be a robber, going through your sock drawer. Whatever. Your imagination fills in the details.

So, this has happened to me twice in the past week, and I have to say my imagination isn't all that good at this.
    Incident #1:
    I'm lying in bed, and realize there's a big scary monster lying next to me. Those very words flash through my head. Big Scary Monster. I shiver in fear as I imagine Sweetums from the Muppet Show, ready to lift me over his shoulder and walk around in circles. Before it can sink in that this isn't scary, I notice he's not breathing. There's a big scary dead muppet lying next to me! In a near panic, I turn on the light. Thank god, it was only my blanket. And then, it hits me. If this had been a big dead scary muppet, I could have just hugged it and gone back to sleep.

    Incident #2:
    I'm walking down the hall, and notice a door I've never paid much attention to. It's open. I remember this door. There's supposed to be a water heater behind it. Slowly, I poke my head around the corner, an imaginary audience screaming "For the love of God, stay away from the door!" And yet, I have to look. I must confront this ominous feeling, for I know there is no reason to fear the water heater. But when I look through the doorway, the water heater is nowhere to be found. It's gone! I spin around. Is it crouching behind me, ready to pounce? I check the ceiling. And slowly, it begins to dawn on me that the water heater isn't at all scary either.

I don't actually have any conclusions to draw on this one. Just thought I'd share.
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