October 14th, 2000

self portrait (escher)

Saturday the 14th

Many years ago (I'm guessing around fourth grade), that was my favorite movie. Of course, I was also a huge fan of the Munsters and Three's Company at the time, so what did I know?

It's weird thinking about the media I grew up loving, and how little of it I can even tolerate today. Particularly when you factor in that I'm creating children's entertainment now. Would I have enjoyed the stuff I'm making if it came out when I was a kid? Would I be making the same stuff now if I had better taste growing up? Such hypocrisy. My inner child is bored to tears...

My friends like to bad-mouth whatever the current trend is. I guess that's still Pokemon. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan or anything, but it occurs to me that Sigmund & the Sea Monsters couldn't have been much better. God, I loved that show...

I don't regret everything I watched back then. The Muppet Show remains pure genius, and I'll stand by the Greatest American Hero. Shel Silverstein can always make me smile. That's about all I can think of, though.

I'm confident in my work. I think it will be remembered. But to be remembered FONDLY is another matter altogether. Guess I'll have to wait twenty years or so to find out.


Well, gosh. Now my whole day's ruined. Someone remind me not to think like that again.
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