October 12th, 2000

self portrait (escher)

The historic first entry

I'm writing a one-act play right now. The following exchange will not be in it.

- Did you sleep well?
- Always. I'm very good in bed.

Just needed that out of my system. Thanks for reading!
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self portrait (escher)

madman or prophet...

Periodically, my mouth will start moving and words come out of their own accord. I figure I'll make a very colorful homeless man someday. Or, the gods could be trying to tell me something. Either way, it's a nice break from the routine.

The problem is that once I notice this happening, control returns to my face and the voice goes away. So, I've never actually heard one of these sentences end.

The two I can remember right now are "I have no..." and "The elves are..."
Do these fragments mean anything to you?
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