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I'm beginning to like this age of connectivity.

Without leaving bed this morning, I reached for my cellphone and used it to clock in at work. I turned on Instant Messenger for my work account. And I went back to sleep.

I took my time shaving later. Tried on a few outfits. Sat down and had some breakfast. I checked my work e-mail a few times in there. Nobody wrote me.

When I was good and ready, I started walking towards the office, catching up on my LiveJournal friends list along the way.

Halfway there, I saw that a friend was hanging out at Starbucks. It would be rude of me not to say hi.

Two hours later, the boss actually needed something. I told them I'd just left for lunch, and that I'd help them when I got back.

This seemed like a good time to break for lunch, so my friend and I headed out.

I wrote a few e-mails from the table, suggesting alternatives to me working, in case they were in a hurry. But there was one task I couldn't unload, so after a long and satisfying meal, I showed actually walked into the office.

Ten minutes later, I was done with that.

The boss wrote in to say they needed something else, but that they were on a call and would have to get back to me with instructions.

They didn't.

I went home.
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