some guy (self) wrote,
some guy


Several people have told me that they thought this nightmare was over at the time I posted it. Sorry to mislead you -- I was two weeks into the second wave, but that wave hadn't passed yet.

Now it has.


In other news, I think I'm relatively moved-in to the new apartment. There are still a few odds and ends to work out, but I'm not stressed out about 'em. Not really stressed about anything just now. Perhaps I should be. Don't much care.

Took something of a lazy weekend. Caught up on some reading, and some TV I'd recorded. No heavy thought, no heavy lifting. I get the impression all hell's about to break loose at work, but that's an issue for the morning, y'know?

I'll probably be up for another hour or two, finishing my book.

G'night, all.
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