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e-mail problems

So, I've got a few dozen e-mail addresses which all get filtered into one base mailbox. When any of these addresses finds it's way onto a SPAM list, I shut that address down and start a new one. Can't tell you how many contacts I've lost this way. But each time, one of them deserved it. I've done this since July of '96, and it's the only effective anti-SPAM protection I've seen in that time.

So, what do you do when the base mailbox finds it's way onto a SPAM list?

It would be easy enough to add a filter to my e-mail software, transferring anything addressed directly to that mailbox into the trash bin. Problem is, when they put you in the BCC list, you have to dig pretty deep into the message headers to determine which address they used. I have yet to find an e-mail filter that can do this for me.

Guess that option's out. Which leaves the icky one: Delete that base mailbox and forward all my mail to a new one. Which means reconfiguring all my forwarding addresses, one at a time. It's not a fun process. And changes like that to the configuration take two hours to become active, which means if I do something wrong, I won't know until it's too late. Which, taking Murphy's Law into consideration, means I'm going to do several things wrong, and compound the problem by trying to fix it.

You'd think that'd discourage me from going this route, wouldn't you?

** sigh **

If you're e-mailing me, don't expect a response anytime soon.
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