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we'll never catch up at this rate

I went for a walk a few weeks ago, no direction in mind, and found myself standing in front of what used to be my grandfather's plumbing shop. I took in the memories, the sense of loss and mortality, and then I had lunch. 'cause really, profound moment aside? I only left the house to get food.

(It's odd that the association would be stronger there than the house that he lived in, where I currently live myself, but the fact is, he was never home. The man kept busy 'til the day that he died. We've that much in common.)

That evening, I took the car out for dinner, and picked a new direction so I wouldn't keep eating at the same four places. This brought me to another neighborhood I hadn't seen in years, where my other grandfather died. More memories, more loss and mortality. And more food, I suppose, if you're looking for parallels.


I've been haunted by an odd sort of synchronicity lately. Everything seems to happen in pairs. I thought technomonkey's wedding would be the event to break that trend, but speedball's engagement picked up the slack.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I like things predictable. But I'm always wary of seeing patterns in the universe (strangely, not because it's irrational, but rather because it's arrogant).

I'll spare you the shopping list of examples, 'cause they're mostly not that exciting.

    ...and the brown rice. Can I get a drink with that?

    Girl Behind Counter:
    I told my sister about you.

    Wow, that's creepy. Is she cute?

    She's eight.

    On a scale of one to that's-her-age?

    The second one.

    Ah. Why?

    She was just born that way.

    She was born an eight-year-old. Did your mom survive?


    Never mind. Why am I a topic of conversation between you and your newborn sister?

    You have an orange wallet that's made out of duct tape.


    She wants one.
There's really no point to this story, except that posting it allows me to come back with "I told the Internet about your sister."

I won't say that out loud, of course. No need to encourage the scary-girl. But it does make me feel safer knowing that I'm the bigger freak.


That's actually another paired event, and stuck in my head because of this. But I think I've decided not to share the other half. Nothing personal, it's just... mine.


Man, I haven't posted in forever. I actually had two stories to tell about my wallet before this one came up. And... maybe a thing or two about interesting subjects! (I'm not, like, fixated on my wallet. Honest! I was just using that to illustrate how much time has past. Though maybe my life is that dull. Who knows? Certainly not anyone who relies on this blog for information!)


I actually posted something back in May as a private entry, and can't remember why I made that choice. It's public now.

* shrug *


Oh! Hey! Lauren's in Ventura for a few weeks. Much excitement there -- I get to meet her daughter, whom I've only seen pictures of.

Just need to make time to get back there. 'cause, I live in Sherman Oaks now. Have I mentioned that?


Wow, I haven't!

New job, as of six months ago.

Maybe we'll talk about it one of these days.
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