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I forgot to mention...

There were giant robots with flamethrowers on Friday. Accompanied by a death-metal/punk band that did covers of childrens' bible songs.

The experience made me think about what rock 'n roll used to mean -- raw aggression, rebellion against your parents' values, and sheer destruction for the sake of watching something burn. I think that's what they were trying for; a forgotten spirit, magnified.

I was never into that scene, myself -- I'm more about the stunning display of musicianship. But being in the middle of that? It's a lot of energy.

There was also a deeper theme, more geopolitical in nature (something along the lines of "your way of life angers everyone else, and distorts your view of them such that their completely predictable reaction feels alien to you."), but it was laid out in abstract terms which could be interpreted any number of ways. That bothered me -- if this is what the artist was saying, it's not a message you want people to get wrong (even if doing so helps prove your point).

Much of the time, I couldn't see what was going on (it was pretty crowded), so I'd just watch shadows on the wall, which had a primal sort of "dinosaurs fighting" quality to it, and jump back whenever an explosion got too close. But even missing 90% of the action, I still had total sensory overload. That's pretty remarkable.

Call it a guy thing -- this is not for everyone.


Also, if "two hours of the dirtiest joke ever told" sounds appealing to you, drop everything and find someplace to watch the Aristocrats. You'll hurt yourself laughing.

Bad trailer, though. I hadn't seen that before. Ummm.. Just ignore the hyperlink and go watch the movie? Okay!
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