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How self makes all big life decisions...

    stranger 1:
    Have you been on this ride?

    stranger 2:

    stranger 1:
    Is it fun?

    stranger 2:
    Well, that depends. Do you enjoy throwing up and pooping at the same time?

    Man. Who doesn't?

    stranger 1:

    stranger 2:
    You know, I'm sure he was talking to someone else.
I had a really great weekend. Been working way too hard, putting too much pressure on myself, so it was nice to just hang out with some friends, stay up late playing board games, and then stuff my face full of saturated fat products at the county fair.

I don't want to jinx it, but I think I might have my life back. Completed some obligations, neglected others until someone else picked up the slack. Strangely, I feel worse about the first category than the second, but I'll not complain about either.

In related news, I went to Siggraph last week, and came back with a head full of strategy to get so many years worth of plans back on target. Then I stopped for Chinese food, and the gods saw fit to deliver unto me three fortune cookies, which read as follows:
  • Next month is your time to make headway, so move quickly

  • Success and happiness will come your way

  • Any rough times are now behind you
So, yeah. I can take a hint. As my 10th grade English teacher used to say, "that was about as subtle as a flying mallet." But just to be sure I got the point, a different restaurant gave me this one the following night:
  • Keep an eye open for an opportunity.
Creepy? Sure. But I'll run with it, see where this takes me.

Should be interesting...

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