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talking to strangers

My last entry might have been too cerebral. I can make up for that!

So, this was tonight:
    [19:04] them: hi
    [19:04] them: <ding>

    [19:04] me: hey

    [19:05] them: hi
    [19:05] them: asl pls

    [19:05] me: nope. you're a bot.

    [19:07] them: what do u mean

    [19:08] me: I mean that real humans don't contact each other on Yahoo Messenger without some idea who they're talking to. Asking for age, sex and location is a dead giveaway.

    [19:09] them: u gat no faith man
    [19:09] them: so sorry

    [19:10] me: I'm replying, am I not? What does this demonstrate, if not a leap of faith?

    [19:10] them: i no but we need to no each other

    [19:11] me: that was my point. we need to know each other, but we do not.

    [19:12] them: ok
    [19:13] them: we will start by intro of one and orther 1st

    [19:14] me: Or we could give some context to the meeting -- how did you find me to chat with?

    [19:16] them: did u see my pics

    [19:16] me: how would I have seen them?

    [19:17] them: in the box right now

    [19:17] me: This may be a software problem. I'm running Trillian, and it's not showing me any box of pictures.

    [19:20] them: i dont like the kind of pics u are showing me

    [19:21] me: That's understandable, since I haven't shown you any pics. What's to like?

    [19:24] them: have u seen my pics

    [19:24] me: i dont like the kind of pics u are showing me

    [19:25] them: 4ulk u byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    [19:26] me: 4ulk?


    [19:33] them: hi
    [19:33] them: <ding>

    [19:33] me: hey

    [19:34] them: hey asl pls

    [19:34] me: nope.  you're a bot.


And from a few months ago. Different "them"...
    Session Start: Sat Apr 09 01:32:26 2005
    [01:32] them: hi... anyonee there?

    [01:32] me: there is indeed.

    [01:32] them: oh yourr there :) hi... 

    [01:32] me: hey.

    [01:32] them: q/s/l (age sex location)?
    [01:33] me: 32/m/los angeles

    [01:33] them: m 27/f/USA. was lookin at your profile. thought you might like to chat.  
    [01:33] them: so what have you bbeen up to?

    [01:34] me: working, mostly.

    [01:34] them: cool.i was just hangin out watching tv. i was getting kinda horny :) (*blushes) 
    [01:34] them: oh no not work... tzats a 4 letter word you know..

    [01:34] me: Most words are, I think.
    [01:34] me: Word is a four letter word.  As is Four.

    [01:34] them: feel like a little cyber fun with me ?  please please...  

    [01:35] me: Can't really help you there.  Sorry.

    [01:35] them: i think ill just take thhat as a yes... being as that im starting to get real horny here.. lol ok?  
    [01:35] them: alright :) how bout i get down on my knees in frpnt of you and help you out of your pants?  

    [01:36] me: Well, that's not helping me concentrate on what I was doing.  Seriously, I'm not the right guy for this.

    [01:36] them: tell me what you want me to do wiith you while i slip out of my panties 

    [01:38] me: ah, the m was "me" (in m 27 etc)

    [01:38] them: oh yeah babe.. dont stop.. while i slide my hand down between my legs and part my moist lips

    [01:39] me: =)  Given that I thought that said "male" until a moment ago, you can imagine I'm not so much into this.

    [01:40] them: oh it feels so good. Im holding your pullsing cock in my hand, my shiny red fingernails dig gently into your balls, while my full, soft lips engulf the mass of your meat

    [01:40] me: Nothing personal, it's just a random mood-spoiling detail.

    [01:40] them: open my website so  you can look at me while im sucking you. use the link in my profile!

    [01:41] me: [* link to their profile *] <-- no link on that one

    [01:41] them: ::) 
    Session Close: Sat Apr 09 01:46:22 2005

I really wanted to round things off with a third transcript, but the one I had in mind has gone missing.

* shrug *
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