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88 keys. Infinite choices.

Just finished paying for my new... electronic piano thing. Not sure what else to call it, really, but it rocks, and I rock on it. My only disappointment is I've no other musicians to play with. That's not a technical shortcoming of the unit itself, though. Just a social deficiency on my end. I'll work it out, though. (Remind me not to move to a new city again until I learn how friends are made?)

I still owe my credit card gobs of money this could have gone towards, so I guess I'm still technically paying for it, plus interest. Don't care, though. I've one less payment to keep track of, and a big fat checkmark on the to-do list. Yay, me!

So, yeah. I have a piano. Life is good.

In other news, ongoing practice does indeed bolster one's proficiency. Who knew?
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