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I've been guilted into a new post.

It's one of those horrible meme things. I answer questions, you ignore my answers, write your own answers, and repeat. If one of us remembers we've already done this, the cycle ends.

Total volume of music files on my computer(s):
Volume, huh? Mine go to eleven.

Oh, heck. I don't know. Far less than there used to be -- I had all of my music digitized, but lost the drive which housed everything. I figure I'll rip the CDs again when I can afford an iPod, just so the data's synced up in two locations. For right now, there's only 758 megs on my laptop's internal hard drive, 5.45 gigs on the external one. Roughly 700 megs of that follows me around on my PSP, and about as much on the GBA.

Of course, this doesn't account for streaming audio stations. Nectarine Radio is a particular favorite, along with Radio Free Klezmer.

My computer at the office is pretty sparce, because I share the room with someone who always has their own music playing.

Mostly, I think I listen to music in the car. And I've simplified that down to three buttons: Volume Up, Volume Down, and Scan for a New Station. I'll listen to whatever's playing until it grates on my nerves or I lose the signal, then switch to the next thing. Side effect: I've grown surprisingly tolerant of Country stations, and rarely even notice Mariachi bands anymore. But the biggest eyebrow-raiser is Christian Rock -- I mean, the lyrics are still god-awful, but musically, those guys are finally starting to see some real production value.

I hope to get satellite radio someday. It just seems like this game could lead to more exciting discoveries there.

The last CD i bought was:
Wow, do you ever have strange timing. I just bought two live recordings from DaKah Hiphop Orchestra, who has nothing in common with anything else in my music collection. It's the first rap I've purchased... ever.

Hmm. What else have I bought lately?
  • Dual-Disc recordings of Nine Inch Nails CDs "With Teeth" and "Downward Spiral" (was just in that mood -- it's sort of a shame I don't have 5.1)

  • Jorane - the You and the Now. (Check her out -- she's amazing. Her other five albums will be my next purchase. I just need to find a cheap importer...)

  • Gabriel Mann's new (eponymous) CD (Gabe's a good guy, and I think he's entering fatherhood about this time tomorrow. You should buy all his music.)

  • the Dukhs new (also eponymous) CD (I'm entranced by how different their sound is from their look)

  • the Ditty Bops (You can play the whole album through that link, and I encourage you to do so)

  • Terry S. Taylor: Imaginarium (It's the Neverhood and Skullmonkeys soundtracks. That's all I can say, and all I should have to)

  • If the Crash Bandicoot: Twinsanity Soundtrack weren't a free download, I'd have totally bought that. Likewise, if Spiralmouth were to record, say, anything. First in line, I'd be.

Song playing right now:
None. I've got a ridiculous amount of video to get through this month, and launching iTunes would mean acknowledging some span of time where I won't be watching. Not acceptable -- it's only in retrospect I can allow myself to see that.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
I have a special playlist in iTunes which seeks out songs I haven't listened to in a while and brings those to the forefront. I don't hit that as often as I should, but ideally it would invalidate the question. That said...
  • Boy, oh boy, am I ever sick of the Greatest American Hero themesong. I'm on disc five of the second season, and they just won't stop playing it!

  • Joanie Bartels' recording of "the Martian Hop" -- it's the happiest, bounciest song I've ever heard, hands down. Instant joy!

  • I listen to Imogen Heap's "Goodnight and Go" single quite a lot to frustrate myself in anticipation of her new album. Why isn't it out yet? Oh, hey. There's another single now. And it's the least radio-friendly thing she's ever recorded. Wierd.

  • Does "myself at the piano" count? Probably not.

  • William Shatner's new CD, "Has Been", is actually a real inspiration, but you'd never believe me if I tried to explain -- you'll have to investigate and discover for yourself. (do read the Amazon reviews, though -- I swear I'm not making this up)

I'll add in a question of my own, 'cause I think it's worth asking.
Music I'm planning to buy as soon as possible:
  • I've already mentioned Jorane's five import CDs. Four from Canada and one from Germany, if I'm not mistaken.

  • I've also mentioned Imogen Heap's new album. Track down anything by her or her other band, Frou Frou. You'll be glad you did.

  • I haven't bought Dakah's studio album yet because it's being re-packaged in a few weeks with a CD full of remixes. I'll definitely own that.

  • My old friend Kevin Kmetz, who still holds the title of "best guitar player I've ever heard" even though he's all but given up the instrument, should be releasing new CDs with Estradasphere, Fishtank Ensemble, and God of Shamisen this year. All of those are strikingly original displays of musicianship, which of course labels 'em as "not for everybody".

I guess that about covers it. I'll try to post something more substantial later!
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