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Big announcement happened yesterday at The Digital Bits re: Titanic (4-disc SE DVD coming in October).  In the middle of it, this was posted:
    On an interesting side note, Cameron also spoke about his passion for 3-D filmmaking. He and fellow director George Lucas are spearheading an effort to get movie theaters around the world to upgrade not only to digital projection, but also to add the capability to exhibit films in 3-D format. In fact, Cameron and Lucas are hosting a demonstration of the 3-D process for theater owners at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas this week (in addition to CG-animated 3-D films, Lucas's people have reportedly developed a way to render 3-D versions of existing 2-D films).

    Cameron says that this is the main reason he's waited so long to begin production on his next major theatrical film - a live action version of the Japanese anime Battle Angel Alita. Cameron plans to shoot the film digitally in 3-D format. What's more, he says that Lucas and other filmmakers (like Robert Zemeckis and possibly Peter Jackson too) are also planning to shoot 3-D films in the future. They expect that the availability of good 3-D feature film content will drive interest in the 3-D experience theatrically, and that in turn could fuel demand for bringing the 3-D process into the home as well.

    Cameron noted that both HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc (and current DVD as well) could be adapted to deliver 3-D footage, but that the main obstacle to high-quality 3-D at home is the low refresh rate of current TV monitors. Displays offering
    much higher rates (96Hz) will be needed in the future to show flicker-free 3-D images in your living rooms.

self chimes in:
    That last paragraph refers to LCD Glasses, which will still give most people a headache in a prolonged viewing (96Hz is better, but I think 120 is about the minimum needed). Better technologies are available -- they're just very expensive, and there hasn't been much demand. HD-DVD and Blue-ray Disc could just as easily be adapted to any of these, where the refresh rate isn't a factor.

    Furthermore, if you just build your players with synchronized Left and Right video outputs, adapter boxes could be built to accommodate every solution ever devised, and most solutions not yet thought of.

    More power to 'em, regardless. It's about time.
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