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Much to talk about, but I'll post this instead.

I sometimes think the guys at are just making up half of their announcements. They could, you know. No one would check -- we just link the stories from our respective blogs, and a new truth is formed. If response is positive, Hollywood might rush out to create those projects.

In that spirit, here's the first release I'd put out if I worked there:
    Saban Entertainment and Fox Networks to bring back 70's cult favorite, the Groovie Goolies.
    The show will be a combination of recycled footage from sentai "rubber suit" classics, and live action musical numbers featuring the stars of ratings sensation American Idol.

      "Over the years, we've had to put aside a number of characters that were just not right for the Power Rangers. This new show will finally bring those to light, while also leveraging the whole Idol phenomenon."

    Sounds expensive? Think again.

      "We're not using the finalists. Those guys are on tour. They've got fabulous careers ahead of them. These are the early to mid-season castoffs, who've still built a significant notoriety."

    While no casting info has yet been released, we're all rooting for William Hung to play Frankie. He's an inspiration.
Not sure whether I'd want that to fail or succeed, to be honest, but I'd sure as hell tune in for the pilot.

In other news, the Wonderfalls DVDs are finally available, and you should own several copies. Firefly as well.
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