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It's that time again.

If you're into typography, be sure to check out ComicCraft -- they make some of the best and most usable special-purpose fonts out there. Very simple innovations like, if the font doesn't need lowercase letters, using that space to provide an alternate set of capitals so you can vary it up and make things more natural. They do a lot of custom work for the comics industry, and have made that work available to anyone who can afford to spend up to $399 on a single font.

Which... isn't most people.

And that's why every year, on New Years Day, they offer the most ridiculous discount imaginable -- throw a decimal point in the middle of the year, and that's what everything costs. Last year, it was $20.04, today it's $20.05. Thus, t's an annual sale, but still unique and never to be repeated.

Things to know:
  1. Things are set up for friendly navigation, which means you're going to miss a lot just browsing around. Scroll down to the bottom of any page and click "Complete Font List" to rectify this.

  2. If you're debating between a font and it's "International" counterpart, go for the international one. Those normally cost more, and do include everything from the standard set.

  3. If there's too much stuff in your shopping cart, you can narrow it down by comparing the savings via their PDF Catalog (which displays the normal pricing).

  4. The sale ends at Midnight, and they're in Los Angeles. That'd be Pacific Standard Time.
I meant to post this last week, give y'all some fair warning. But then I didn't. Next year, I suppose.

Anyway, $20.05 is still more than the casual user should be spending on something they'll never use, so don't even check out the sale unless you've some practical reason to do so.


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