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Bela Fleck, who's one heck of a musician, has a very generous taping policy for his shows.

Thus, is able to present over 170 of his concerts to download.

I'm one horrified kid-in-the-candy-store right now.


In other news, Venus Hum seems to have another album out. It's a $6 EP, available through iTunes Music Store. Hard copies can be ordered directly, and they've got a great price right now on the older CD to go with it. (sadly, their "Switched on Christmas" EP doesn't seem to be downloadable from their site anymore, or available in any form. that would have been a nice seasonal note to end this on. ah well. can't have everything!)

(This first collection here will have to do in it's place.)


Rasputina's long out-of-print "How We Quit the Forest" (produced by Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails -- see used copies at Amazon going for $75+) is available as 15 individual-song purchases through iTunes. That's $15 without physical media, and a bit of extra work to go through ringing up one song after the other. But at least all the tracks are represented.

Seriously, though... Would it kill them to just reprint the CD already?


Also, Intel's got some new ads with the Blue Man Group.
If you get a chance to see these guys in concert, absolutely do so. Otherwise, go buy their live DVD right now and find the biggest screen available to watch it on.
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