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Someone was supposed to test my project out in the field over the weekend. There were some last-minute changes I didn't have a chance to impliment, since he took the thing out of my hands an hour early to train up on it. Hopefully, those are his only complaints.

I don't know yet, however, because he's gone AWOL. Called in 90 minutes ago to say he was stuck in traffic somewhere between my house and the office. Which means I breezed past him on my way here, 45 minutes ago.

So, yes. For 45 minutes and counting, I've been on the clock, trying to find some way to justify charging them for this time. Thus far, all I've come up with is "the boss said 'no' when I asked if I should leave."

That'll have to be enough, I guess.

He just arrived. Not a whole lot of new feedback, but I do seem to be responsible for the device's ergonomics now. Need to engineer some sort of carrying rig (think "drumline"). Should be fun.
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