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I guess I've fallen a little behind on my journal. Catching up a bit...

I'm goin' to Comic-Con!
Hope to see y'all there.

Well, okay. That's probably not so useful after the fact...

There's been a lot of press coverage, but I don't think they caught these two moments:

1) As several hundred of us cross the street near the convention center...
    Guy #1:
          Did you see? The girl in front of us has Elvish writing tatooed across her back.

    Guy #2:
          Wow. Hey, Mark! Get over here -- we need a translation.

    Guy #3 (Mark):
          No you don't. That's the One Ring.

    Guys #1 and 2 (unison):
          Of course.
2) Between panels a few days later...
    A man in his mid to late 50s watches helplessly as his eyeglasses slide down his face and into the breastplate of his full plate-mail armor, which restricts movement such that he can't actually reach them.

    A passing stranger stops to retrieve the man's glasses, and puts them back onto his face.

    He does not say "thank you."
Those pretty much encapsulate the whole experience for me.

I may have more to say on that later. Or not -- like I said, most everything I can report on's been heavily documented by other people. But suffice it to say, some of that's pretty exciting.

So, yeah..
    I'm goin' to Siggraph!
    Hope to see y'all there.
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