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con artist

I guess I've fallen a little behind on my journal. Catching up a bit...

I'm goin' to Comic-Con!
Hope to see y'all there.

Well, okay. That's probably not so useful after the fact...

There's been a lot of press coverage, but I don't think they caught these two moments:

1) As several hundred of us cross the street near the convention center...
    Guy #1:
          Did you see? The girl in front of us has Elvish writing tatooed across her back.

    Guy #2:
          Wow. Hey, Mark! Get over here -- we need a translation.

    Guy #3 (Mark):
          No you don't. That's the One Ring.

    Guys #1 and 2 (unison):
          Of course.
2) Between panels a few days later...
    A man in his mid to late 50s watches helplessly as his eyeglasses slide down his face and into the breastplate of his full plate-mail armor, which restricts movement such that he can't actually reach them.

    A passing stranger stops to retrieve the man's glasses, and puts them back onto his face.

    He does not say "thank you."
Those pretty much encapsulate the whole experience for me.

I may have more to say on that later. Or not -- like I said, most everything I can report on's been heavily documented by other people. But suffice it to say, some of that's pretty exciting.

So, yeah..
    I'm goin' to Siggraph!
    Hope to see y'all there.


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Aug. 7th, 2004 11:03 am (UTC)
Wow. People are rude-- i.e. the guy that did not say Thank you.

My friend troyworks is speaking at Siggraph.
Aug. 7th, 2004 04:25 pm (UTC)
I think he got the whole "surrounded by our own kind, we can be ourselves" bit, but missed the part where we don't have to be perfect. As though we'd think the struggle to function in this costume diminished his effort to assemble it, or something.

That was probably his issue, actually -- he didn't want us to think about him working behind the scenes, but rather to buy into the strong heroic image of a knight in shining armor. Which, given the very modern setting and chaotic array of imagery around us, was never going to happen.

Picture him as a bride on her wedding day, a lifetime spent imagining this day in all it's splendor. Something went wrong, and he froze up. It could have been worse.

What's sad is that if he had thanked them, with a warm smile and perhaps a lock of hair, that bit of character would have strengthened the illusion. He's probably kicking himself now for not having thought of that.

I'm expo-only, couldn't afford a real pass this year. Probably can't get into your friend's session.

But the corporate-sponsored events I am able to attend -- tons of free training and a fair amount of alcohol (which I'll probably pass on for sake of the diet, but it's nice when they offer) -- have me pretty excited.

I'd like to spend some time in the Guerilla Studio this year, as well. No real plans beyond that. But, it should be great.
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