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new music, sort of.

Ran a quick search for Edgar Meyer on iTunes again, as he's still got several out-of-print CDs which I'd love to get ahold of, and Apple's promised to dig up such things for happy commerce everywhere. Anyway, I didn't find those yet. But, I did see that he's recorded a new album of duets with Bela Fleck, which I must own. So, that's exciting.
    For those who care...
    - Their best work together was probably on Uncommon Ritual, with Mike Marshall.
    - Both are heavily featured in Strength in Numbers, as well.
    - Also check out Skip Hop & Wobble and Short Trip Home for some great Edgar work without Bela.
    - Edgar and Bela worked a track or two together on Inroads, but it's mostly a Bela album. Highly recommended if you're a fan. Pre-Flecktones goodness. I always go back to that album...</i>
But, the search also brought up these guys, and I must own their CD as well. Check out the streaming audio - you can listen to the whole album.

They don't make music like this anymore.
...except that they do.
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