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Spent much of the day evaluating Filemaker Developer 7, which every review seems to feel is the must-have database application to knock Access off it's block. This certainly seems plausible, given that we're comparing Apple and Microsoft programs. It should, by all rights, be a better product.

Thus far? I don't like it. That whole "hide the complexity" philosophy is great for the end user, particularly if their needs are such that they can get by with one of the pre-built templates. For content developers, though, it's a bit of a nightmare, and the elegance of those templates are what a client will expect from us, at a bare minimum.

On the plus side, though, I do like that the features I'm struggling to find will be well hidden from those-who-should-not-be-poking-around. That creates a decent balance, I suppose. And the fact is, I can learn any interface, given time.

But, will I?

The question really comes down to it's add-on cousin, Filemaker Mobile 7, which I can't find enough info on because it just started shipping a week ago.

...which is a problem, 'cause, I need it today if it's going to work for me.

Version 2.1, which shipped in 2002, had an upper limit of 5000 records in a single table. That's probably not the case anymore, but it is the most recent number I've been able to find. The table I'm working with is about twice that size, so it's kind of an important limitation for me.

I'm thinking about going with Visual CE instead. It's a harder sell, being from a lesser known company who may or may not have any kind of support for their product, but they did put the info I need in a logical place, so they probably win.
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