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where's ASCAP/BMI when you need them?

The elementary school just outside my window has been blasting David Foster's theme from the 1988 Winter Games on endless loop for the past hour. Now, I like David Foster as much as the next guy, but that's a bit much.

A moment ago, they switched to John Williams' "Olympic Fanfare and Theme" from the 1984 Olympic games. Which is, like any Williams piece, repetitive by nature. If this is to be the loop for the next hour, I may have to leave town before something drastic happens to their PA system.

The kids, I should add, are not moved by this music, except in that they shout all the louder to be heard over it. For the past few minutes, this has mostly meant a chorus of "Let's go, Harvey. Let's go!" (leaving me to wonder who this Harvey fellow is, and why he's so lethargic that two olympic themes and a gaggle of schoolchildren have been unable to rouse him. I can only conclude they've been prodding a dead body out there on the soccer field. Perhaps their audio technician...)
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