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As I work on one thing, seeds of the next are planted.

Yes, I know. I'm way behind on the big update about all those projects I can't seem to finish. Which is almost poetic, don't you think?

For all those continuity hounds out there, this post takes place after that one.

Random story ideas in the back of my head have started to take form and make a certain amount of sense. What started as a simple word association has turned into fleshed out characters with conflicting worldviews. And, they actually serve a greater metaphor, which is real handy when you're trying to impose structure on something abstract.

Anyway, I'm anxious to see where that all's going. But I don't look forward to trying to sell it.

This is me at the pitch meeting:
    It's like the Odd Couple meets... well, it doesn't meet anything. But Jack Klugman's character is a robot now, and Tony Randall's a talking snail!
I kid you not.

...yeah, maybe I'll abandon this one.
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