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Big Long Update - Part 1 - Wheels

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As much as I've said a thousand times how much happier I would be without a car in my life, I've always qualified that statement. As in, "I'm working towards the day when owning a vehicle is no longer necessary."

Not needing a car is a far greater measurement of success than owning a really nice one. It means you've broken out of the cycle, got your life together. It means you're smarter than most people. While they're out there stuck in traffic, spending two dollars a gallon and seven on parking, you're.. well, you're doing something else.


So, my car stopped moving. Or rather, the power brakes and steering cut out as I rolled down the hill. It didn't stop moving for quite some distance, actually.

I was able to steer onto a side street without hitting anyone, and actually did a respectable job parallel parking (considering that it took both arms to work the steering wheel while I pushed the car in either direction with the rest of my body. I must have looked like an idiot trying to maneuver like that, so I'm glad there were no witnesses. All the same, I kinda wish someone would have seen it, 'cause that was quite the accomplishment).

I tried the engine every few minutes until that got old, then walked home. When I came back the next morning, it still wouldn't start.

Checked the power. Checked the gas. No shortage of either. Had the car towed to a mechanic. I'm told I should have it back this week.

If it's still there on Friday, that will have been one month to the day.


It's been a month of paradox. I'm unable to function, but I do think this is the most productive I've ever been.

...and on that note,
       [ End Part 1 ]
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