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pieces to leave out of the portfolio

Haven't put up any artwork in a while.

Here's why.

Basking in Spotlight

I thought this guy's face was going to end up more cartoony, but it came out quite detailed and expressive. Which means his grotesquely bulbous fingers don't match at all. And, that's a shame, 'cause there's just something magical about this picture which I don't think I could repeat if I had to start over.

In an attempt to salvage this, I cut off his hands and grafted on new ones, but when I tried to put him back in the scene, he spit out his bones and his eyes fell out of their sockets. Which was kinda neat, but still frustrating - a day's work, undone.

Which leads us to:

Drowning with Broken Neck

Not much to say about that one, except...


Yeah, that might not be the best image to start your morning.


Ah well. Consider this another "filler" entry. There are things to talk about, but no time to get into it. Perhaps a week from now?
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