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4th Thursday in November

Today in America, we take this opportunity each year to express gratitude for the natural resources our land produces in bounty, lest we take for granted how unbelievably rare and special that is. There's also something about peaceful co-existance in there, if you're looking for meaning to the stories, or to the family parties.

I submit that the time we live in is no less important than the place, and I think it only fitting that this statement be made in a community spanning countries both real and imaginary. No matter how bad you may have it, the fact that you're able to read these words tells me you've still got a few blessings left to count.

In that spirit, let's get sappy...

    Poll #211321 Thanksgiving

    What are you thankful for this year?

    If your answer included abstract concepts such as 'family' or 'civil liberties,' these are not necessarily finite resources. Are there ways in your own life you can extend these things to someone without them? (to 'spread the love,' as it were) Discuss.

    Take a moment to say something inappropriate about someone less fortunate than yourself.

    Which of these questions do you feel was the hardest to answer, and why?

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