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Birthday (continued)

Lefty's Head is performing tonight. That almost never happens. Kitty Kat Stew is also performing tonight. That doesn't happen often enough either. I wish they were playing at the same place, and that I could be there to watch. But, no. I won't be at either show. That kinda sucks.

I bought myself a present to make up for it. had the Blue's Clues DVD pretty cheap, and a $5 coupon from DVD Price Search took it down to like $13.50 after tax and shipping. Most places have it closer to $20. I guess they figure parents are going to spend more on their kids without thinking twice about it. Children's videos in general seem to be more expensive than the rest. That bugs me. Anyway, this is my copy. For me. I'm not buying it at the whims of a four year old. I'm buying it 'cause it's my favorite movie right now. (defined by replay value, that statement isn't nearly as strange as it might seem) So, if there's a rule somewhere that says parents get screwed on every purchase, it doesn't apply to me. So there.
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